WE-Finances is one of numerous divisions of Wholesale Express, one of the largest automobile sales platforms in Quebec, which extends to more than 1500 dealerships.

With our extensive resources, our customers have access to an unmatched inventory of vehicles that greatly facilitates the process of purchasing their new vehicle.

You are in need of a loan to buy a car, a recreational vehicle, a motorcycle or a boat?

Our team of experts will guide you to the products that match your needs while offering you the best financing rate available to your financial situation.




WE-Finances is a Wholesale Express Canada division that specialises in financing vehicles. Whether you are buying a car, a recreational vehicle, a motorcycle, a boat or even agricultural equipment, WE-Finances is committed to offer you a solution that will greatly facilitate the buying process.

Our mission is to contribute to the financial well-being of our clients by offering them a quick, professional and safe solution.

You have yet to find the vehicle that suits your needs?

Start an effective search with our tool that centralizes classified ads from the most popular websites. Then apply for a loan by completing our financing request form and our team will take care of getting you the best interest rate available to your financial situation.

Take advantage of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chance credit and get your approval in less than 24 business hours. Finally, leave your mind at ease while enjoying your new vehicle!